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Kumeyaay Videos

Here is a collection of videos related to the Kumeyaay culture.  We are always looking for videos to feature on our site so please inform us of videos on the web that you'd like to feature here!

Featured Videos:

To view the Documentary "Reserved Wealth"

Viejas Reservation - Language Lessons

The Students at Kumeyaay Elementary Perform "Rip van Winkle"

American Indian Movement


Kailey Banegas (Barona) and Cynthia Parada (La Posta) sing peon songs during our cultural sharing at ITY SD 09 Short Documentary - 2007 California Emmy Nominee - Camera/Editing by Carlos Miranda 
A deeper look into the Kumeyaay tribe on the mexican side of the border while they
strive to survive under rudimentary living conditions and dependent on their cultural tradition
of basket weaving to supply their financial needs. The story centers around Gloria
Castaneda, a kumeyaay native who takes matters on her own hands and organizes
her village into creating baskets and finding outlets to display them north of the border, into US territory.  
San Pasqual Education Department, Language and Social Skill video. We make videos for our students to keep our language going. We learn from our elders and other Kumeyaay speakers. Kumeyaay Bird Song
After SDSU we all loaded up and headed east to Barona Valley, home of the Barona Band of Mission Indian Reservation. This farm was purchased by Barona years ago after leaving the El Capitan area over the hill. We visited their fine Museum and Cultural Center, led by Director Cheryl Hinton and her staff. After a great lunch of Indian Tacos, Chairman Thorpe Romero visited with us and to welcome the YNS/ITY group and expressed the tribes continued support of the program. Chairman Romero talked about the leadership history, his current role and the future of the tribe. He also learned from the youth and our international exchange student Doris "Waga" Bill explained how her chiefs and council back home (Kuna Yala, Panama) all sit in hammocks during council and make decisions from their swinging hammocks.
Mission San Diego De Acala' in Mission Valley Story of the Kumeyaay revolt
Kumeyaay,are one of the many native American tribes split by the US-Mexican border. In Baja California a Kumeyaay elder, master basket weaver, mobilize her village to turn her ancient tradition into moderen commodities 
Preparing Acorn for Dinner
Mojave,Chemehuevi, Quechan, Kumeyaay and Hualapai tribes talk about the history of the Bird Songs
Yavapai- Families which includes the Havasupai, Cocopah, Kumeyaay, Mohave Southern tribes along the Colorado river
The late Ed Brown talks with his son and daugthers about the Fiesta in the olds days at Conejos reservation.  Somebody snoring?