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Howka, Great news of Barona's continued support.

Native Like Water
I was passed the great news of Barona's continued support. A great warm thank you, ahun! Barona is always a shining example in so many ways. We appreciate the support in prayers and moral guidance. Both our elders and the youth we serve continue to inspire us and rejuvenate our reason for being. 
After many years, our program is at a moment that we can proudly demonstrate full support by the community itself - the youth, families, volunteers, whom attend and our touched. This support is seen thru bake-sales, uncle and auntie support, or just a pure will to succeed. This year, all have taken upon themselves to see ourselves thru, provide a needed supplement to our education.  We the people - those of full heart of giving and from standpoint of cultural understanding. As volunteers, donors, and the faithful we persevere. 
Is is an important step and practice of self-determination, initiating and affirming what is important to us, in perhaps, a non-conventional way, non status quo. Within these troubled times, our swift action to give the youth what they need and also send a rejuvenating vibration felt intergeneration-ally.  
I want to thank our Elders of Barona and all our past participants. I also want to thank you on behalf of those whom you know as family, whom may or may not be on the tribal roles, or are adopted youth or in struggling financial times. This communal sharing and allowance and affordance of word-class opportunities, like Intertribal Youth, is of the highest wealth and our greatest investment. 
Thank you for giving. Greatest Blessings to Barona and our greater community. 
Marc A. Chavez
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