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Food is Medicine: Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms

Food is Medicine: Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Need more energy?
  • Constantly battling colds?
  • Living with auto-immune conditions, chronic disease or a genetic defect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, medicinal mushrooms can provide answers. ...but don't take it from us, testimonials are listed below. 

Medicinal mushrooms have evolved alongside animals and man. Man has consumed this whole food to reap the benefit of the chemistry that was explicitly designed by nature for a complete healthful life.

Fungi breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, just as humans do; the mushroom cell needs and uses the same basic building blocks. Fungi therefore contain all of the essential amino acids, nucleotides, transition metals, vitamins, including B12, C, niacin, D, L-ergothioneine and a large contingent of enzymes to make the process work. The components of the mushroom blends, are the very same that our human cells need.

Mushrooms come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are researched worldwide for their innate healing properties. Mushrooms are extremely versatile with applications including:

• Agriculture: nutrient distribution, soil remediation
• Main food source
• Food and beverage flavor enhancer
• Medicine

Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms
Important note: Medicinal mushrooms are not the same mushrooms that you can purchase at a grocery store. This article features a unique new blend of non-psychoactive mushrooms made from organic hybrid strains of species cultivated at university research laboratories in sterile clean rooms. This proprietary mushroom blend is an ancient living life form, and has the correct ratio and amounts of two to four thousand biological chemicals.

Why These Mushrooms
This powerful new proprietary blend of medicinal mushrooms is now available in a convenient, transportable powder form. This product contains no additives or preservatives, is vegan and free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and wheat. 

This special mushroom powder can be blended, baked, boiled, broiled, or refrigerated with no change to its molecular structure. The mushroom powder can be easily added to smoothies and other beverages (including tea and coffee), baked goods, stirred into soups and stews, or sprinkled on salads or desserts; mushrooms are an incredible flavor enhancer.

With a serving size of just 1-2 teaspoons of this mushroom powder, adding it to one’s daily routine can trigger increased:

• Physical Energy
• Cognitive Clarity
• Immune Health
• Balanced Blood Sugar 

Consuming this mushroom powder blend with organic leafy greens in raw or juice form also amplifies the effects.

Coriolus versicolor
Turkey Tail


Photo Credit:

Cordycaps militaris


Photo Credit:
Ophicordyceps sinensis
Caterpillar fungus

Ophiocordyceps sinensis

Photo Credit:
Ganoderma lucidum
Lingzhi mushroom


Photo Credit:
Agaricus subrufescent
Mushroom of the Sun

234px Agaricus subrufescens

Photo Credit: wikipedia


The Science of Medicinal Mushrooms
Cited by Mushroom Intelligence, “Medicinal mushrooms are a class of fungi which possesses a wide variety of functional chemistry. Fungi live via an extra cellular process. The mushrooms exude protein catalysts which digest the foods around it. The digestion is then transported back into the fungal cell for use. Because of this feeding method, mushrooms possess a large amount of enzymes.

The cellular structure is composed of hundreds of very specific types of complex sugars, called beta-glucans. Along with these long chain sugars, the mushrooms also produce glycol-proteins (sugar structures attached to a protein stem). The essential amino acids are also present. Enzymes, beta-glucans and glycol-proteins all have very specific shapes which interact with structures that are on the cell membrane. These sensors or receptors on the inside and outside of the cells, coupled with enzymes from the medicinal mushroom chemistry, cause the body's cells to produce a multitude of proteins. Each protein reacts with the next, like a relay race with many runners involved; this is a cascade reaction.

These cascade reactions can be used by the cell to communicate within the cell, or between the cell. They can cause genes within the DNA to create more proteins for different biological activities, or cause more enzymes to be produced, which assists many more chemicals to be formed. Cell transductance (communication through these sensors/receptors), can open the cell walls to a flood of calcium ions, or increase the flow of glucose, adrenaline, and insulin across the cell membrane.

These sensors can cause the synthesis of good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol, can cause chemicals to dilate blood vessels, and cause the creation of NO, nitric oxide, to support the immune system to fight disease, as well as chemicals to quench free radicals." 

Now Available At: Kuseyaay Healing Center
Our featured partner, Kuseyaay Healing Center, provides information on new, natural and traditional indigenous ways of healing the mind, body and spirit. We are excited to announce that the non-psychoactive medicinal mushrooms explained above are available at the Kuseyaay Healing Center. To reach the Kuseyaay Healing Center for cost and availability, please click here to use the Contact Us page at

Testimonials – From People & Pets!
“The immune blend of mushroom powder has changed my life. I have struggled with the ravaging effects of Lyme’s Disease for seven years, nearly losing my life on multiple occasions. I have tried many treatments and supplements costing well over $200,000; some treatments help for only a short time. This product is different - and for a lot less money than going to expensive treatment centers! After consuming the mushroom powder for a short time, my energy level increased and I quickly regained my zest for life. I recommend this incredible natural, organic food product to everyone.”
- - J. Lyme Disease Southern California Member Lyme Disease awareness ribbon

"Although I tried many therapies and protocols, they seem to only help for a period of time. After so many attempts, I was beyond hopeless... I was introduced to medicinal mushrooms a year ago. It has by far been the most rejeuvenating and stabilizing protocol that I've ever been on. I have abundant energy throughout the day that allows me to accomplish many things in my life - more so than ever before. And unlike many other things that increase energy, this is very different. It is authentic energy (not ampy). It is a sustaining energy and I don't crash afterwards. I feel like my body is truly healing inside and out. My joy has returned! decision and investment I have ever made!"
- - N. CFS/Fibromyalgia CFS FBM awareness ribbons 

“Our 12 year-old Chihuahua was in serious condition and recently required hospitalization for multiple days. After identifying a life threatening kidney issue, he had adverse reactions to prescribed medications. For a month, we tried giving medication in pills and liquid by a compounded pharmacy. Nothing worked and he was growing weaker. This caused us to seek medicinal mushrooms as a natural remedy. We are happy to report that our beloved boy is now alert, eating normally, and even occasionally playing like a puppy! Clearly, he feels better. The medicinal mushroom powder is an absolute miracle.”
- - D.M., Barona

Before - July 11                      Back to normal in 2 days!  

Petie before Petie after  

Legal disclosure: Mushrooms are a food and are not intended to cure, treat or mitigate any disease states. 


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