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Here we interview Andrew Serafini, President/CEO of C3 Global Biosciences

Can you tell us about C3 Global Biosciences?

C3 Global Biosciences. C3 stands for Complete Choice Cannabidiol. Complete meaning “full spectrum” as our products are developed with other cannabinoids present that work in concert with CBD to achieve improved vitality and stronger health. Choice meaning each ingredient we select is of “Choice” quality. We use certified organic ingredients that are of the highest quality and potency. Lastly, Cannabidiol speaks for itself. We believe in the power of Cannabidiol as each member of our team has had a profound experience with CBD.

C3 Global was birthed out of demand; the demand for prolonged life, the demand for more quality time with loved ones, the demand for vitality and health.

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many of the brightest minds in the industry over the past 2.5 years. Starting with my soon to be wife, and Vice President of C3 Global, Rene Crysler. She was the first to introduce me to CBD and its powerful benefits. She has been a critical and key part of advancing the industry as a whole. Gleaning from thought leaders and scientists like our Chief Medical Officer, Dr HJ Raza, our formulator, Dr Radka Milanova, and others has been instrumental in assisting with the education of a lifetime. Prior to founding C3 Global Biosciences, I was part of the core team that built a now global CBD company from scratch, EVR Premium Hemp Oil. We developed the formulations, branded and designed the products, built and drove the business development machine and established approval in the country of Brazil with other countries in tow. I worked with hundreds of clients, the majority chronic pain sufferers, and was able to learn firsthand what modes of ingestion, which product types are beneficial for specific ailments, and designing dosage matrix’ around client physiology and biomarkers.

At the end of the day, my experience with CBD is a passionate one. I’ve seen miracles take place in the lives of family members, friends and colleagues. I’ve played a key part in helping people get their lives back from the threats of terminal ailments, from the grips of debilitating chronic pain, from unbearable anxiety and panic attacks. There is nothing more rewarding in my book.

Can you tell us a little about the Gridiron MVP Water?

Gridiron MVP is simply an incredible multi-functional beverage. There is not a day that goes by that I do not drink my Gridiron MVP. I have seen a vast improvement in my cognitive functions and concentration, I have sustained energy all day long (working 18 hours daily to build a business takes its toll on the body), my hair and nails are the healthiest I have ever seen them, and my recovery time after working out is much quicker than even some of the bodybuilding supplements on the market. I also breezed through flu season this past winter while everyone around me was in bed nursing their temperatures. I am not much of a drinker, but many tell me it is one heck of a hangover cure as well.

Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Winner and rated 16th overall top scientist to ever live said, “Every ailment, every disease, and every sickness comes from a lack of minerals.” There is a stark difference between Gridiron MVP and the other CBD waters on the market - starting first with its color! The fulvic acid is responsible for the dark coloration contained in the water which also markedly enhances bioavailability of the mixed ingredients. Fulvic and humid acids combined are one heck of a powerhouse. First they are both natural, organic electrolytes. Everyone has heard of electrolytes. They rehydrate and reenergize the body especially during high intensity sports or training. Fulvic and humid acids also bring with them roughly 80 trace minerals which only add to its effectiveness. Combined with organic probiotics, pharmaceutical grade Nano-CBD and pure filtered Aspen Spring water, you have a beverage that may just be the best bargain on the market. If I were to separately source each of our ingredients independently in a store or vitamin shop, I would be paying substantially more for just the probiotics alone. Google it.

What would you like people to know about C3 Global  Biosciences?

I would like people to know that above all else, C3 Global will always put our customers first. Often times, myself and other members of the team will personally drive products to our client’s homes. Many of the folks we work with are ill, in chronic pain, and on limited incomes. We will always go out of our way to educate, to always go the extra mile, and suggest the most appropriate products for each of the clients we work with. C3 also stands 100% behind all of our products. Safety and quality are the cornerstones of our product development division, and constant excellence through innovation and advancement. Our products will always carry the exact potency described on our bottles or packaging, and all of our products are developed out of ISO certified laboratories.

Our products have the approval and recommendation from both doctor’s on staff at C3 Global. Our formulator is a PhD biochemist with decades of experience working with hemp and cannabis. Validation is important to us, so we made it a priority to bring one of the brightest neuroscientists’ on the planet into the C3 family who is leading the charge for our clinical trials soon to commence. Between these two invaluable assets, you can have confidence that our products will deliver the best Mother Nature has to offer.

How did Dr. HJ Raza get involved?

Dr HJ Raza, my dear friend and colleague, is one of the best humans I know. Dr Raza was and continues to do fascinating work in a number of areas including concussion management, Alzheimer’s Disease, Artificial Intelligence, cannabinoid research, data capture and analysis, and CBD’s impacts fighting chronic pain and inflammation in the body. He is a true thought leader and authority in the field, and I began to study his work, the white papers he developed, his methodologies and passions for novel, non-toxic, natural therapeutics that are backed by science and overwhelming anecdotal evidence. More importantly, from the first time I spoke with Dr Raza until now, there is nothing more important than patient care and always acting in the best interest of the patient. We have locked arms, and are moving the dial from profit-centered therapy to patient-centered therapy where it should have been pointed all along.

Dr Raza is an inspiration. His brother who suffered from severe Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) from multiple concussions as a college football player was tragically killed in an automobile accident after having a seizure at the wheel. Survived by his wife and son, Dr Raza carries on his brother’s spirit and resilience through devoting his life to discovering ways to protect the brain and advancing diagnostic technologies to identify early onset CTE. Currently, CTE can only be diagnosed post-mortem.

Can you tell us about any future products for C3?

We have a number of new products we are working on now. We are taking the latest cutting-edge study data, coupling it with the most advanced cannabis technology, and developing products with high bioavailability and maximum absorption to ensure our clients get what they pay for. Not 10%, or 40%, or 75%. We are creating products that have 100% affinity with the body, designed to work in concert with the body. Stay tuned! Exciting announcements in the near future!

How can people learn more about your products or purchase your products?

Our seasoned sales team is overly educated and eager to educate! We field calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week because sickness and disease doesn’t have an off switch. Chronic pain and discomfort doesn’t vanish because its the weekend or the football game is on. We will always be available within a reasonable period of time to educate and service our clients. Our products can also be purchased on our website,, on Amazon, in numerous pharmacies and health stores throughout California and Texas. A store locator will soon be posted to the C3 Global website to find a location near you. Our sales department can be reached at 877-947-2447

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