Rincon - Special Rock Opera Presentation of "Something Inside Is Broken"

The Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians invites you to be our guest at a special preview showing and reception of "Something Inside Is Broken." This is the first Native American produced Rock Opera depicting pre-gold rush California.


What happens when you combine great storytelling, music, and language preservation into a powerhouse production?  For the cast of “Something Inside is Broken”, it means a sold out theater hit and a Fall tour. This pre-gold rush era rock opera, based on actual historical events, tells the true and untold story of how Natives were exterminated ‘legally’ under Governor Burnett’s extermination policy, massacred by Captain Fremont and Kit Carson,  and enslaved by Johann Sutter.  The play highlights relevant modern themes and dehumanizing media practices, while cleverly weaving them into our dark American history.  The crazed ambition for gold, the objectification of women, the disregard for minority groups and inhumane treatment of vulnerable populations, the constant destruction of our planet’s resources are alluded to, but it’s not all sadness and social commentary.  The musical aspect makes the story easy to digest, sharing wisdom and knowledge through the use of catchy songs and witty and often inappropriate (with a little bit of shock factor) phrases.  There’s plenty of room for some elbow poking laughs.  The story speaks from a human level, and is told with just the right balance of truth and honesty, hilarity, satire, and optimism for an improved world.  A dark musical at its core, “Something Inside is Broken” stays true to the description of what makes this a “Rock Opera.” “Sticking it to the man” is an age-old rock mantra, but this show doesn’t hold back any punches.  If a Rock Opera “stuck it to the man,” “Something Inside is Broken” delivers a Muhammed Ali punch to the soul.  Be prepared to bring your handkerchiefs. The orchestration is underscored by electric guitar riffs, hip hop beats, and a bold genre-mixing innovation.  The native Nisenan language is present in over half of the 26 songs and arrangements. This Rock Opera is being described as a “Transformational Experience” a “ceremony,”  rather than simply a “musical,”  a Native American ‘Hamilton .’

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