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A historic route used by Indians, Spaniards, and the Jackass Mail

An oriflamme or “golden flame” appeared on the red battle standard of the King of France during the Middle Ages. It is unlikely that Oriflamme Canyon was named for this, although a red banner could have marked a mining claim in the canyon. More likely, the canyon was named for the side-wheel steamship named Oriflamme that brought the first miners to the area in 1870 during the Julian gold rush. The steamship regularly stopped at San Diego Harbor as part of its route between San Francisco and the Atlantic Ocean. Oriflamme was the name first given to a mine worked in the area, and the canyon and mountain soon followed.

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Blasphemy: Turning a Killer Into a Saint

Dr. Dean Chavers
Pope Francis has decided to do something very controversial in the Catholic Church. He has declared that an alleged murderer should be a saint.
In the state of California, the Spanish missions, during the first part of the encomienda system, reached from south of San Diego to as far north as present Sonoma County, where the most northern Spanish mission was located. Each mission was designed to be 30 miles, or one day’s ride by horseback, from the next one. There were a total of 21 Spanish missions in California. The Spanish never settled the rich valley of California and the mountainous eastern side.

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Old Town Time Trip

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skeletons in the closetBy Nat Krieger
Late at night in Old Town it’s not hard to time travel. The cars lining the narrow streets have turned out their lights and gone to sleep. Human activity is reduced to three women walking together. They are wearing white blouses with multicolored skirts synced by a red sash.

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California Emerges

The epic story of the founding of the Golden State
Winter 2015
California’s “Bonaparte,” explorer John C. Frémont
The founding of California was an adventure, an epic, a tragicomedy, a conquest, and a window into America’s soul. It was a creation ex nihilo that reveals the roots of society, the establishment of justice, and the very nature of man. “All our brutal passions were here to have full sweep, and all our moral strength, all our courage, our patience, our docility, and our social skill were to contend with these passions,” native son Josiah Royce wrote of his motherland in 1886. Philosophers have long extrapolated from existing states, of whose origins the precise details are lost, just how political life comes into being. In California, there is no need to speculate. It happened only yesterday, every noble act and sordid deed alike recorded. From its beginnings, though, American California has always been a forward-looking place; the past holds little interest unless it can promise some future good. Yet the ascent to who we want to be must begin from knowing who we are—and how we got that way.

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Still need donations for kumeyaay familys in Mexico

Just wanted to share the article from our company on the most recent trip to one of the Kumiai visits. Larry, we are making another trip this Sat. march 14th  this time to the Kumeyaay Children's shelter in partnership with the Peace and Dignity project who is helping me secure translators for the medical staff.. Urban tribal Indians in Tecate will come and get a chance to see a Dr. for free.. be seen by nurses, have their blood pressure & diabetes checked. I also have a phone attachment that takes EKG's so we will be providing that as well. Devon ( Santa Ysabel ) & Dwight Lomayesva (Hopi)  from the AIR program donated coats and school supplies and backpacks . My Dr. got diabetes supplies donated. I am donating coffee and soaps. Where I work Kaplan donated toothbrushes and gloves for the exams. Jamul donated $500 for that trip. I will use that money to buy basic food supplies for the families such as beans and rice and flour and toilet paper and whatever else I can get with all the money. I will be buying for 11 families and am so grateful for Erica Pinto from Jamul helping me to get this donation. Karen


Karen Vigneault